What to expect in your second trimester

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Your second trimester of pregnancy begins at week 13 and ends at week 27. Thankfully this trimester is probably the most easiest to deal with! This is where you are half way from morning sickness and halfway too feeling like the size of a whale. Here’s what you can expect!

Your nausea will subside

By the second trimester your morning sickness will begin to fade or even stop completely (yay!). If you are still feeling nauseous then it’s a good idea to visit the doctor to have your b6 levels checked. If they are a bit low this is an easy fix and you will be feeling much better!

Your emotions will calm down

Your body is finally starting to get used to all of those extra hormones! You will find that at this stage of the pregnancy you are much less likely to cry for no reason and will feel quite calm instead!

Vivid dreams may start

While your emotions have balanced, those extra crazy hormones will still have some effect! You might find that you have some bad/vivid dreams in this stage. Don’t stress! This is completely normal as you prepare for what is to come.

The return of your sex drive

One good thing about those extra hormones is the over production of estrogen! This should see your sex drive increase. Lucky for you, you will also be feeling better than you have been, enjoy this while you can!

Aches and breathlessness

So its not all glow and smiles… you will start to feel some aches in your abdomen as your uterus grows to accommodate your baby. You might also find you are out of breath more easily, this is completely normal as your lungs have a little less room to move while your body tries to squeeze everything in.

The movement begins

As your baby grows and becomes more active, you will finally feel some activity inside you! This is where you will feel when the baby kicks. You might even feel them hiccup sometimes!

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