What to expect in your third trimester of pregnancy

During pregnancy your body experiences some serious changes. It can be hard to know what to expect, as every stage is different! Here’s what you can expect in the third trimester.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Photo by Melanie Tucker

The third trimester begins in week 28 of pregnancy and is the final stage of pregnancy. In this period your baby will grow quite rapidly! At this point you might not feel like you can get much bigger, but you will. Your baby will also start to get a little cramped for space and so you might feel more kicking and movement at this point.

At this point not only is your baby changing a lot but you will too. You will most likely experience the following;


While this might be something you experience through the whole pregnancy, it does increase during the last stage. Staying active and eating well will really help!

Abdominal pain and backaches

You’re carrying a lot of extra weight so of course your muscles will be struggling! Spending time in the water can help take the pressure off these areas.

Intense dreams

Due to hormone changes your dreams become more vivid! Try not to take them too seriously.

Clumsiness (or pregnancy brain)

Not only can your hormones cause confusion but you can be thrown off balance due to the extra weight you are carrying!

Braxton hicks

This comes in the form of random contractions It can often feel like you are going into labor, but your body is just preparing you for the real thing!

Stretch marks and varicose veins

In the third trimester veins and stretch marks can appear due to the strain you are putting on your skin. Try to stay moisturised and keep your feet elevated when you can.

The final stage of pregnancy can be a trying time but as soon as you have your newborn baby in your arms, that bundle of joy makes it all worth while!

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