Weird things about your newborn (although normal)

As a mother of two children and as a Gold Coast newborn photographer, I have seen my fair share of weird things! When it comes to newborns there are so many things that make you think ‘is that normal’? As a new mother it can be quite stressful knowing when you are just being paranoid and when you do need to take action. So here are a few things that might give you a scare at first, but are totally fine.

weird things about your new born

Photo by Little Orange Photography

They do funny color poo’s (and sometimes explosive ones too!)

Yellow, brown, green. It’s all normal. And as for the runny ones, a baby’s poo is actually mostly liquid since they don’t eat solids yet so its normal for diarrhoea like poo to come out rapidly (and sometimes at the most inconvenient and hilarious times).

There heads can be dry and flakey

This is called Cradle Cap and is common among new born babies. A dry flakey head is totally normal (and a little bit gross) but there are things you can do to manage it like keeping their heads nice and moisturised. It will go away naturally anyway eventually!

They sometimes have oddly shaped heads

This can be caused by a number of things and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to sort itself out. I have seen everything from pointy shaped heads to big red blood bubbles! This can be caused before birth or even by the way a baby is removed as they are so soft and do not have a fully developed skull yet!

It can even look like your new born has boobs…

Sometimes new babies can have swollen and firm breasts because of the hormones released during pregnancy and birth. This is very normal for both boys and girls but don’t worry because this area will even out eventually.

I photograph maternity, pregnancy and family shoots often but I love new borns the most! Even if I have been pooped on several times, I find that every newborn is so special and unique. It is such a great experience for me to photograph these beautiful babies and I try to make it as special as possible for mum, dad and bub too.

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