Tips for Couples Photography

While most of my time is spent taking photos of newborn babies and families, one form of photography that I have seen grow in popularity is couples photography. To be honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off sooner as one sure way to capture and display your affection for your partner is through the lens of a camera and what better way to commemorate your love for each other than to have it on display for all to see.

Now with the popularity of couples photography increasing, I thought it would be a good idea to create an article about couples photography so it can be used as a reference point for you and other couples considering having a couples photography session on the Gold Coast. So let’s look at some of your options.

Couples Photography

Make Your Personalities Stand Out

As with any photo that contains more than one subject in it, making sure that both subjects stand out in their own way is an important part of capturing the perfect couples portrait. If neither does, then your photographer has failed at their job.

Your photo should tell the story of your relationship; how your unique characteristics and personalities come together as one, yet also show your individualities at the same time. At Little Orange Photography, In order to make sure I capture a unique photograph of you and your partner, I like to ask subjects to bring a prop with them to incorporate into the photo. It is usually a personal item, which relaxes a couple and allows them to act more naturally in the photo-shoot.

The Gold Coast location you choose for your couples photoshoot is just as important as any other photoshoot and should complement you and your partner, not compete with you. This will influence the composition of the photo and of course your stance. You can choose the location, or your photographer can offer some suggestions. My previous post may offer you some good ideas in relation to Gold Coast photoshoot locations.

A Photo with a Difference

Some couples love dressing up, so you may want to consider having your photo taken in costume. I’ve found that some couples like to have fun with their photo-shoot and add humour, so dressing up in fancy dress maybe an avenue you might want to consider going down, especially if you or your partner is a little nervous or shy about the process. Perhaps you enjoy period costumes; if so, then this can make your photo unique and extra special. Again, if you like to dress up, then your photographer may consider capturing the photo in black and white, which will add another element to your photo.

Try adding a twist to the photo –this is something that Little Orange Photography likes to do. For my couples photography photo-shoots, I ask couples to laugh at each other while looking at one another or get them to talk to each other so they forget that they are having their photo taken. This way, I can capture a more natural look and feel for the image. You could otherwise do some sort of physical activity, such as play fight or wrestle with each other to break the ice, get comfortable and most of all, enjoy the experience.

Other Things to Consider

When two subjects are in a photo together, it is important that they do not cast a shadow over each other, so lighting is very important. This is something your photographer will take care of but taking photos outside is one way of combating this, so outdoor photo-shoots are ideal. Choosing the right time of day is also another consideration, which again your photographer will advise you of.


Couples photography is increasing in popularity, and there are many things to consider in order to capture the perfect portrait. If you’re considering capturing the love between you and your partner, then you will need to choose a location, time of day, decide if a prop or costume is appropriate and most of all, relax, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Couples photography can be just as beautiful as a newborn baby photo and just as captivating as a family portrait. If you choose a great location at the right time of day, then your portrait can be anything you want it to be. By following the suggestions of this article, you will know what to do to achieve an amazing photo that you and your partner can cherish for years to come.

If you are a couple who is looking for couples photography on the Gold Coast, then call me, Mel Tucker from Little Orange on 0449 658 131, or check out the website for more information on couples photography.

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