Tips and Tricks for New Mums

Tips and Tricks for Mums with Newborns


If you are have trouble trying to get your baby to latch for the first time – this is completely normal! The best thing to do is to get someone to assist you in physically stuffing your nipple and breast into you babies mouth. You might find that your nipples will get sore after breastfeeding. Try to soothe them by using a cold pack. It’s important to keep them feeling their best as not taking care of them can become quite painful!


It’s completely natural for your baby to come unsettled from time to time. If they are not due for a feed, sleep or nappy change then they might just be feeling a bit sooky! Try swaddling them to calm them down. Sometimes background noise can help as well so playing some soft music or even putting the TV on can help too. If all else fails but them in the car and go for a drive! We don’t quite know why this works, but it does.

Get Some Rest

When you first bring your baby home you might have the urge to watch them while they sleep and make sure everything is ok. Try and resist this urge! It is important that you sleep when your baby sleeps. You wont be any good to your newborn if you become a tired mess!

Ask for Help

Most Importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help! Motherhood can be daunting and it’s ok to feel this way. Confiding in a close friend or family member can really help ease the pressure. If you are really struggling make sure you checkout what services your hospital had to offer!

If you would like to find out how to prepare before your baby arrives, checkout our blog on how to prepare for a newborn here.

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