Things you shouldn’t say to a lady during pregnancy – book your pregnancy session today!

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Ok so if you have friends and acquaintances who are yet to experience creating miracles of life, it can be a little hard for them to relate. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but it’s not without its moments, and a lot of those moments involve comments you really wish people wouldn’t say! Here are some of the best that i’m sure you have heard more than once.

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OMG You’re HUGE!

Yes. Yes, I know. ‘You look like you could pop any second’, ‘You look like you’re having twins’ I have heard it all before. That’s kind of what happens when you are growing another human inside of you! I can guarantee you that she is already feeling just how big she is feeling a little uncomfortable – this comment is not ok!

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Aren’t you scared?

As wonderful as pregnancy is, it can be a little bit scary! And this is a completely normal reaction. There’s no need to remind them of this and play on these thoughts. Positive vibes only!

Was it planned?

If you aren’t close enough to the person to already know the answer, then don’t ask. How is the rest of that conversation going to go if the answer is no? You are putting that person in a very awkward position so it’s best to just focus on the congratulating.

Can I touch your belly?

While this is seriously tempting if you are excited for your friend, let her tell you if there is a moment that’s appropriate, like when the baby kicks. It can be a serious invasion of personal space otherwise. Could you imagine if 20 people asked to touch your stomach over the course of a day? Weird!

You can eat/drink/do that!

Guys… unless there is a very real reason for concern here then just don’t. Not every person believes in handling a pregnancy in the same way and they have more than likely done their fair share of research on the subject!

So we didn’t leave much left that you can say, did we? Well to play it safe, there are three little words that you definitely should say: YOU. LOOK. AMAZING!

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