How to shoot the best pregnancy photos

mumma to be lay on the beachBringing a new life to this world is definitely life changing; it can have a huge positive impact on your life and can be profoundly powerful and empowering. For most women, falling pregnant is generally the first big step of married life. After walking down the aisle you naturally dream about having children to make your house a home, and I know exactly how intoxicating that can be; you look forward to the sound of cute giggles, having tiny hands grab our fingers, and watching your baby take those wobbly first steps.

These are the moments that I look forward to capturing the most here at Little Orange Photography, and are why I specialising in newborn and pregnancy photos. The joy of motherhood is something you can’t fully describe with words but photos can help you say it all.

As a mother myself, I always encourage friends and relatives to get professional pregnancy photos. They’re a great way to create lifelong memories; they trigger emotions, feelings, and memories to help you remember the moment in time vividly. Pregnancy photos not only serve you; my children also loved to see photos of me pregnant when they were growing in my tummy! It’s something special you can share with them once they’re a little older. Even when your children are all grown up and have moved out of the family home, all you have to do is look at your pregnancy photos and you just like that; you can relive the moment that changed your life.

As a Gold Coast maternity photographer, one of the most common things I’m asked by my clients is how to get the best pregnancy photos. Thankfully, I know a thing or two about this! I’m sure you’ll want the best possible outcome as much as me, so consider the following tips ahead of your photoshoot:

  • Book at the right stage of your pregnancy. Book your maternity photography session as soon as you reach at least 28 weeks when your belly gets really round and beautiful. It’s also the best time when most women no longer suffer from morning sickness and are completely adjusted with their condition.
  • Feel and look beautiful. Having been pregnant twice, I know from experience that when I feel good, I look prettier and I look more confident. That is why, prior to your photoshoot, I advise my clients to go ahead and take the time to pamper themselves. Hit the local spa to get a massage or natural treatments to achieve that glowing skin. Of course, don’t forget to visit your local salon and get your hair and make-up done.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Before your photoshoot, make sure to wear only loose clothing to avoid those unsightly elastic marks. This also applies to tight fitting accessories like bracelets and watches. Also, at least an hour before you arrive, apply lotion to avoid having a shiny belly. Take the time to moisturise the whole body particularly your knees and elbows. For a great close up picture of your hand around your belly, I suggest that you get a manicure.
  • Choose colours that work. To ensure the focus of your pregnancy photos is your tummy, wear solid coloured shirts instead of plaids, floral prints, stripes, and swirls. Personally, I would go for pastel and off whites. I would also recommend form-fitting dresses as these will compliment your beautiful figure. Other great clothing choices for your pregnancy photos include tie dresses, empire waist blouses, tank tops, and button up shirts. Dark jeans or beautiful relaxed trousers where the waist-band sits neatly under your growing belly are also highly recommended.
  • Bring your loved ones along. I recommend that you bring your spouse, older/youger children if you have any. This not only makes the whole photoshoot more enjoyable but will also add another dimension and will make your pregnancy photos more festive and more interesting.

For Professional pregnancy photos, see Little Orange Photography!

Falling pregnant is definitely one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting time of your life. Although the journey is only 9 months, being pregnant will have a huge impact on the rest of your life, and something you’ll think back to often. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to freeze the moment and have something to help you relive it whenever you like? Well, with professional pregnancy photos you can!

When it comes to getting your pregnant tummy photographed, it is important that you only trust a photographer who’s passionate about you and your pregnancy. Remember, you are trying to create a lasting memory and a photographer with the right skills and attitude can help you make that happen. So hire me, Melanie Tucker, a professional maternity photographer for the best pregnancy photos on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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