7 most popular props used in newborn baby photos

If you’ve already explored by website a bit, I am sure that you’ll get the idea that I sooo love taking pictures of newborn babies and that it’s genuinely one of my favourite things to do in life. It’s not just a business but a passion for me. If you’re thinking of hiring me to have newborn baby photos, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to worry about the props for the photoshoot. Yup! No preparation needed at all as I’ve got every prop that you could be looking for! Newborn babies really just have to turn up to the photo shoot and that’s it!

newborn baby photos

Newborn baby photo by Little Orange Photography

To give you an idea of your choices when it comes to props, I am going to give you a list of the 7 most popular that I use when taking adorable newborn baby photos.

  1. Wraps – the first thing on my list when it comes to props that I use for newborn baby photos are wraps, which are great alternative to clothing. Being a mum of two amazing boys and years of taking newborn baby pictures have taught me that if there is one thing that make these bundles of joy feel secure and comfortable, it would be wraps. In general, babies feel a bit uneasy particularly when the session starts with them in their diapers or in their birthday suits. Some babies require time to adjusting to the temperature and this is where wraps are useful. I also use these when my clients are uncomfortable with having their cute little ones posed in their birthday suits.
  2. Faux Furs – These are some of the props that I use that never fail to impress my clients. I use this on almost any surface and babies love them because they’re soft and comfortable. These can also be used on small buckets, flooring, small boxes, and practically everywhere and they are guaranteed to look great on photos particularly those that have bright colours. If you want me to use these on your newborn photography session, rest assured that each one is washed and sanitised after each use. Believe me, I understand safety and that is the most important thing for me particularly in this type of photoshoot.
  3. Blankets – Whenever I shop for props for my newborn baby photos,I tend to buy so many blankets and fabrics particularly those that are incredibly soft and have texture. I also buy those ones that can be washed easily for hygienic purposes. Being addicted to blankets, I have several that come in different colours. This actually gives me so many choices when I’m trying to pick the one that will compliment the baby’s complexion and surrounding.
  4. Baskets – Baskets are definitely must-haves for newborn baby photos as they highlight the fact that your bundle of joy is tiny and cute! My baskets are mostly made of wood and are safe for babies. To make them extra comfortable, I put blankets or fur inside them before placing your little one. I can also use different boxes, buckets, or small containers depending on your preference.
  5. Hats and headbands – I have a wide range of hats and headbands (for girls) that I have in my studio, which is by the way perfect for newborn photography down to the climate control. These come in different colours and you can choose depending on your preference. You have the option of having your baby wear the hat in few photos and then use other props on others. It’s all up to you. Just like the blankets and faux furs that I use, these are washed and sanitised after each use for your baby’s safety.
  6. Wood nests – These are definitely some of my favourites. Just like with the buckets and baskets, I fill this up with blankets or faux fur before I place your baby inside. I can also use fake eggs as additional props to capture more adorable newborn baby photos.
  7. Baby hammocks – These comes in variety of colours and texture that are perfect for newborn’s first photos.


Props that are used in newborn baby photos are some of the most important elements in getting adorable images of your little ones. Above, I have listed top 7 most popular that I used in my studio and you can choose depending on your preference.

Here at Little Orange Photography, I offer more than just cute and adorable props; I also offer exceptional newborn photography services to provide you with the best pictures of your little one that you’ll surely treasure. To ensure your baby’s comfort comes first, I only shoot newborn photography in my Gold Coast studio, which is perfectly suited for newborns, right down to the climate control.

Can’t wait to get in touch with one of the leading Gold Coast photographers that specialise in newborn photography? Then, give me a call 0n 0449 658 131 and together, we’ll make lasting memories.

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