Newborn and Toddler photography – Leo 16 days

Welcome to another handsome young man – Leo 16 days new.

As a photographer specialising in newborn and toddler photography you come across a lot of baby names. I must admit Leo is a favourite of mine <3

Little Leo was exceptional during his newborn session and so was his beautiful sister Lilah at 1.5 years of age this young lady was super easy to work with. she was so happy she even clapped in her photos! They both are amazing children and Im very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them and their yummy mummy Jalna.

Thank you Jalna for allowing to capture this special time in your lives 🙂

Safety comes first with newborn and toddler photography and as you’ll see below in the image where Lilah is sat beside her baby brother leo, this image is in fact, whats known as a composite image. ( 2 images put together) It is extremely important to keep your newborn safe at all times with mum and dad close by thus I ensure any child younger than 2.5 is never captured in the photo together with their newborn baby brother or sister. The only exception to this rule is if I’m doing a side by side shot with both newborn and toddler laying down next to each other with mum on one side and dad on the other.

Although I will say majority of the time the toddler is so busy doing what he or she wants to do the shot doesn’t happen. It really does depend on the toddler!




newborn and toddler photography

newborn sleeping



For more information on Newborn and toddler photography or to book a session then please contact mel on 0449658131 or contact me here

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