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Gold Coast Newborn Photography by Little Orange Photography

What can you expect from your Newborn Photography session with Little Orange Photography?
As a Newborn Photographer on the Gold Coast you can expect to be greeted with an understanding smile and a warm hug. I’m a mum of 2 beautiful boys, so whatever you are experiencing; whether its sleepless nights or the joy of watching first steps, I have been there before and I am thrilled to share some stories from our journey while I document yours.

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The best time to schedule a Newborn Photography session is while your baby is under two weeks of age. While your baby is still very sleepy and easy to place into positions to get those gorgeous, curled up poses, after two weeks babies are a little harder to settle and things like baby acne can start to flare up, although this doesn’t mean we can’t still try to get those beautiful curly poses.

I set aside 2-4 hours for a Newborn Photography session. This allows me to take as many breaks as you or your baby needs and as well as time to feed. When taking baby photos, I find babies photograph best in nothing at all and as such, you may want to bring yourself a change of clothes (especially with little boys!). I often have a change of wardrobe mid-way through the photoshoot and certainly won’t be offended if it happens, I am fully prepared!  If you have any special outfits, hats or memorabilia that you would like to have your baby photographed with, please feel free to bring it. I often have clients that will bring a special blanket or toy that is personally for the baby from someone special in their life.

I also have a large collection of hats, props and blankets to choose to enhance your baby photos. I like to get you involved in colour schemes so we can be in keeping with your décor especially as these images will take pride of place in your home or in a beautiful album on your coffee table for all to see!

Babies in their purest form is the best and most expressive way to have your baby photographed this includes all the wrinkles, tiny hands and feet even those tiny hairs on backs or ears (my 2nd baby had hairy ears they were divine) I will also include family portraits in the session if you require.

Dressing for family portraits is simple;
Black is great for a black background which we will use for portrait photography sessions.
Also bare skin (you can decide if this is something you’d like), whites, creams and pale pastels suit the tone of these sessions too. If you’d like to bring a couple sets of clothes then this will certainly help if you’re unsure, once you’ve arrived we can go through the options you’ve brought.

There’s no time more precious than the first few weeks of your newborn’s life. While you may stare at every inch of your baby for hours endlessly, they do grow up, fast! Capture this precious moment in time with the professional Newborn Photography service I offer throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane here at Little Orange Photography.

Don’t hesitate to book your Newborn Photography session as they fill fast! Please read the Terms and Session Information should you require more information. If you have any further questions regarding my Newborn Photography services, please call or email I look forward to working with you and your new addition.

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