Newborn photo sessions – why they are important!

why newborn photo sessions are important

why newborn photo sessions are important

As a Gold Coast and Brisbane newborn photographer I sometimes get asked my opinion on why it’s important for parents to get a photo shoot done of their newborn. I am also often asked what the benefits are and if their baby will be ok with me disturbing their sleepiness to take pictures! So here’s why I think it’s important and what to expect.

Newborn babies grow so quickly. They will grow out of their cute little 0000 clothes in a matter of weeks and will only get bigger and bigger from there! (sigh). They wont be little for long so it’s important to act quickly while they are the smallest they ever will be again! The fact that they are so small is what makes for the most interesting photos as they can fit inside quirky objects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

The birth of a child is an extremely special moment. It’s also a time you probably won’t remember very well as it is such a whirlwind experience! During this time it’s essential you document the moment, if not just to remind yourself, but to show your child when they are older!

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The amazing images that are produced during one of our shoots also make for a very good gift! Gifting these dazzling images to the childs grandparents or aunties and uncles would be sure to go down in history as one to remember.

So what can you expect from a shoot? Will your baby be ok? Of course! Having two kids of my own as well as doing this for a living has enabled me to become an expert in careing for babies properly.

We usually recommend bringing your bub in when they are less than 2 weeks old. The reason for this is that they are very sleepy at this age and will be easy to photograph and position them without having to disturb them too much. We also allow 2-4 hours for one of these sessions so that you and your baby can take as many breaks as you need!

If you would like to book in or talk further, please call me on 0449 658 131 or email

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