Maternity photography; you’ve earnt it!

So, you’re pregnant! To quote a phrase of one of my favourite greeting cards: “Congratulations on your pregnancy! Who needs Shushi, alcohol or skinny jeans anyway?” But in all seriousness, congratulations! You’re about to undertake one of the most magical stages of your life which even though may be full of ups and downs, high and lows, kicks and burps, it will give you the best reward ever – your very own bundle of joy.

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful things that can ever happen to you as a woman. For most people, it marks the stage where you and your partner finally start a family. I remember when I was pregnant with my eldest. From the day I found out I was expecting I couldn’t stop thinking about the life that was growing inside of me. Would it be a boy or girl? (It was a boy, by the way) Who will they take after? Will I be a good parent? I was just so excited I could barely contain myself.

But one thing that you need to know right now is that pregnancy takes just nine months and believe me when I say that this will pass by so quickly that you won’t even notice that you’re already due. But don’t worry as there is a way to capture and freeze this wonderful moment. To celebrate the joy of pregnancy, I recommend you enquire about Gold Coast Maternity Photography. Get pampered and enjoy a day all about you, after all you’ve earnt it!

Maternity photography

For Maternity Photography on the Gold Coast please consider Little Orange Photography

What to expect from Maternity Photography

If this is your first time to take advantage of Maternity Photography on the Gold Coast, or any location for that matter, know that it doesn’t differ too much from a regular photoshoot. The only difference is that Maternity Photography focuses on your beautiful growing belly and documents this exciting event of your life. The best time to schedule your photoshoot is between your 28 and 34 weeks. This is not only because your belly will then be beautiful and round, but also because this is typically the period in your pregnancy that women feel most comfortable. By this time, you’ll have gotten over morning sickness and be well and truly used to being pregnant.

When it comes to poses, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you choose Little Orange Photography as your Gold Coast Maternity Photography service you’ll be in good hands as I specialise in this type of work. I am an expert when it comes to capturing amazing poses that will make your maternity photos look dramatic and stunning.

With my Maternity Photography sessions on the Gold Coast, I give you the option to decide whether we’ll do the shoot in my studio or outdoors. Personally, I love the idea of using the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast as background for this type of photoshoot but really, that’s up for you to decide. The same can be said for your outfit but based on experience, wearing long flowing dresses and form fitting tops turn out to be the best so you may want to consider that.

What should I do before the photoshoot?

I’d like you to feel amazing before, during, and after your photoshoot. Remember, this is your day and that you’ve earnt it. I find that women who pamper themselves before a maternity photoshoot look extra confident and even more beautiful. So, hit the spa, get a massage, and enjoy an hour of relaxing bubble bath. Also, go ahead and visit your local salon. Get your hair styled and take advantage of professional make-up services. Remember, this photoshoot could be once in a lifetime experience and you would want to look your best.

Why you should choose Little Orange Photography?

Granted there are several businesses offering professional Gold Coast Maternity Photography services. So, why should you choose me as your photographer? Well, for starter, I specialise in Maternity Photography and as you can see on my website, it’s really my forte. Aside from years of experience and an exceptional portfolio, I think what makes me an effective photographer is that I am very passionate about capturing great moments of one’s life and being pregnant is something that I consider the ultimate journey for every woman.


Gold Coast Maternity Photography services are simply something that you should take advantage of when you’re pregnant. This is probably the only way to capture this moment and freeze it for a lifetime. Years from now, when your children are all grown up, you’ll be extremely thankful you took the time to reward yourself with this great service. You’ll look at your photos and you’ll remember not only how beautiful you and your body was at this time, but you’ll also remember the wonderful feelings that came with being pregnant.

For Maternity Photography on the Gold Coast please consider Little Orange Photography! Not only will I take gorgeous photos of you and your bump, but I also offer additional photography services once you’ve had your baby and have started your family. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to provide answers to any enquiry you may have.

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