Maternity Photography: How to Master your Session

Falling pregnant is a dream come true for many women. It is an extremely special time in one’s life that should be cherished, so it is no surprise that mothers-to-be want to capture this period in their lives in as many ways as possible. One of the best ways to do just this is to hire a Gold Coast photographer that specialises in maternity photography, like right here at Little Orange Photography.

Maternity Photography

I recently came across an article from Huffington Post that had me in stitches. It perfectly demonstrates how wrong a maternity shoot can go if you, the subject, are not prepared and don’t do your homework when choosing a company offering maternity photography on the Gold Coast. Having seen how bad these maternity photos are, I thought it would be a great idea to give you some tips in how to avoid getting the same result from your maternity photography session.

Things to remember

Do not schedule your maternity photography session until you are 31 weeks pregnant – between 31 and 36 weeks should be about right. Why? Because your belly should be about the right size; any earlier and it may be too small. Why no later than 36 weeks? Well, you may end up running out of time and that is the last thing you would want at to happen.

You will also want to discuss with your maternity photographer the type of photo you want taken. You should decide on the style and setting in which you want the portrait to be captured well before the day of the shoot.

What you will be wearing is another question. Being pregnant, you will find that a lot of your pants have an elastic waste band. Be mindful of this, as last thing you will want to see in your photo is the mark that it leaves behind. Make sure you remove any restrictive clothing at least 2 hours before your maternity photography session, including socks, bra, etc.

Other considerations when it comes to clothing include whether or not you want to be clothed throughout the entire shoot, would you like a more intimate and sexy look wearing lingerie or perhaps you are going to be brave and go au-natural – the choice is yours.

Consider whom if anyone else you would like in the photo with you. Do you want your partner or other children in the photo? If so, make sure their clothing does not detract from you and your belly, which is the focal point of the image. Remember the focus should always be on you.

Things to avoid

Before you have your maternity photo taken, make sure that you do not rub any lotion into your belly. This causes the light to reflect off your stomach, which is no good for your photographer’s camera lens. However, this does not mean that you cannot moisturise other parts of your body if you so wish.

If you are going to have your hands features in the photo, then make sure that you have treated yourself to a manicure before the shoot. You may want to have your nails painted, which is fine as well. This rule applies to your feet too; the last thing you want is to have chipped or damaged nails in your beautiful photo.

I know from experience, every woman enjoys her maternity photo shoot, so don’t rushing it. You may never have this chance again, so enjoy every moment. I would also advise you to bring lip balm, a makeup brush and some powder with you so you can do touch-ups throughout your photo-shoot. You may also want to bring with you a good few changes of clothes as well.


A maternity photography session should not be stressful; it is about enjoying the moment and capturing something that is precious so that you can look back on your experience and cherish it for years to come. If the photo is taken correctly and the pose is right, the picture will speak for itself.

If having a maternity photo taken is something you wish to do, then contact me at Little Orange Photography to book your maternity photography session today.

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