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Maternity photo ideas for your photography session

Are you looking for professional maternity photography on the Gold Coast and Brisbane? Then, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to hire a photographer who has not only the needed skills and expertise, but also the passion (some may call it an obsession) for maternity photography, I’m the right person for the job.

As a mother of two adorable boys, I specialise in newborn and maternity photography, and understand both sides of the lenses very well. I get so much joy capturing the special moments of my clients lives and present them in an artistic manor that showcases each individual’s personality. The artistic element is just as important as the subject itself, but coming up with ideas for your own maternity photoshoots can be tough.

Maternity photo ideas

Most of my clients are first-time parents who are very new to the idea of maternity photography. They often ask me for ideas and advice on what they can do ahead of our session to make sure a) everything is smooth-sailing and b) they are left with amazing photos they will cherish for life.

Here are some ideas for to make your maternity photography session the best it can be:

Choose a dramatic outdoor setting

For would-be mothers who choose the beach or an outdoor setting for the location of their photoshoot, I recommend wearing a white boob tube and long white skirt. I find a boob tube really shows off your tummy while the long skirt captures that dramatic “flowy” effect that looks wonderful in any natural setting. If you want the outcome to be a little more dramatic, we can shoot either early in the morning or before the sun sets when the natural lighting is just perfect. If all the elements are captured right, this specific idea for your maternity photoshoot will result to a memorable portrait that will easily become a conversation piece in your home.

Make your tummy the focal point of the photograph

Get photographed with your partner holding your tummy in a black and white shoot. This is one of the most classic, timeless poses that you should always include in your photoshoot. For best results, I suggest both parents-to-be to look down at the tummy with eyes full of love as this emotion can be easily captured in a photograph. This portrait will be great for a nursery and is something that your baby will be proud of when he or she grows up.

Personalise the photoshoot

While the previous two ideas are fairly typical suggestions for a maternity photoshoot, some clients want their photos to be unique as possible. So think of creative ideas that will set your photos apart from the rest. For example, you can write on your tummy or have it painted. I’ve seen some beautiful shoots where the mother-to-be has had a beautiful big butterfly painted on her tummy. If you have a playful personality, don’t stick with traditional poses. Ask your photographer to capture candid shots of you laughing and just enjoying being pregnant. If you’ve already picked out a name, you can spell out the name of the child with playful wooden lettering or you can also put the ultrasound on top of your pregnant belly.

Vary your poses as much as possible

To ensure your maternity photoshoot produces a range of photos that you’ll be proud of, I suggest you not limit yourself with only one or two poses. Without compromising your condition, see if you can lie down in a blanket or quilt and have your photographer get nice shots of you from up high. Height is a great way to emphasize a belly. You can include your partner in the picture and older siblings holding your belly tenderly.

Finally, do not worry

Some mothers-to-be get anxious or worried during the photoshoot for several reasons; some feel overly self-conscious while others worry that the pictures won’t come out as great as they expect them to be. Well, aside from the fact that worrying doesn’t solve a problem, this emotion can be captured on your photos. My suggestion is to relax throughout the session and just have fun. As long as you hire a professional photographer who is passionate about their art, you can be assured that the finished product will look stunning.

For professional maternity photography, contact Little Orange Photography

There you have it, my top 5 ideas for your photography session; choose a dramatic outdoor setting, make your tummy the focal point, personalise the shoot, vary your poses and lastly, try not to worry about anything and just have fun!

There are so many things that you need to consider when choosing a photographer for your maternity photographs. Be sure to take your time and choose wisely. The best assurance is always referrals from friends and looking at a photographer’s portfolio.

I invite you to take a look at my portfolio and decide for yourself if you think I’m best for the job. When you book a Gold Coast or Brisbane maternity photography session with me, you can expect to work with an understanding supportive photographer that is passionate about her art, and your needs. For professional maternity photography on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, call Little Orange Photography at 0449 658 131.

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