Things to consider when looking for Gold Coast photographers

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Things to consider when looking for Gold Coast photographers

So you’re looking through a long list of Gold Coast photographers in preparation for one of the biggest moments in your life and you’ve found Little Orange Photography, welcome! It could be that you’re getting married, you’re pregnant, or that you’ve welcomed a new baby to your family. Such events in our lives we look forward to and there is no better way to preserve the memory of such events than to preserve them on film. Given then you’ve found my website, I’ll assume you agree with me.

Hiring only the best Gold Coast photographers is extremely important for such occasions because years after these big events, you can look at the photos and remember that day and all the emotions will come back in an instant. You would want to hire somebody who’s experienced and passionate about getting great pictures and preserving great memories.

All too often I find clients coming to me after having been disappointed with their experience with their previous Gold Coast photographer. To ensure you don’t make the same expensive mistakes, when looking for professional Gold Coast photographers, consider the following tips to ensure that you’ll make a well-informed decision:

What experience do they have?

This should be the first question you a Gold Coast photographer. Also, be sure to find out if they specialise in the type of photography that you need. For instance, if you want photos of your newborn, it’s important that the photographer that you hire has extensive experience in the field of newborn photography. The more experience they have, the more you’ll become confident that they’ll be able to produce the results that you’re looking for.

Do they have professional studio for the shoot?

If you’d like your photography sessions to take place in a studio, it is crucial that the photographer you hire have his or her very own professional studio. Some actually do not have their own studio and can only offer outdoor shoots, and although the Gold Coast is beautiful, there are times where a studio shoot is preferred. If they have a professional studio, consider paying it a visit. You’ll want to make sure that it is a professional setup with all the lighting and backdrops required to address your specific needs.

Do they have an online portfolio of work?

When looking for a photographer, you want to see samples of their work, as this will help you gauge if they indeed have what it takes to produce excellent photos. It helps if they have online portfolio of work that you can take a look at the comforts of your own home. Visiting each studio of your chosen photographer just to see their portfolio will take a lot of time. Click here to view my portfolio so I can be added to the top of your list J

How does their price compare to other Gold Coast photographers

Make sure that you’re not being overcharged for a certain service. I highly recommended that you get quotes from each photographer that you’re seriously considering and then compare their prices. Here at Little Orange Photography, my sessions start at just $100.

Knowing what’s included in the service is very important. You need to make sure you know exactly what are you paying for. Is it just the session alone or is it a package that includes prints of your photos? Also, ask if they offer canvasses, albums, books, etc.

Ask for feedback

After doing your research and identifying the best Gold Coast photographers to hire, I would suggest that you ask for feedback from previous customers. Besides from making sure that your chosen photographer has the needed skills, this will give you an idea on how they treat their customers. Do they provide assistance in a timely manner? Are they easy to reach when certain problems are encountered? Are they polite and considerate? These will become very important especially if you’re in need of maternity or newborn photography services. You’re going to need a photographer who is not only great at what they do, but is also considerate and supportive of their clients.

If finding the best Gold Coast photographers sound like a time-consuming task for you, why not hire somebody who is proven to be an expert in this field and who has long list of satisfied customers like me? Here at Little Orange Photography, I specialise in family, maternity, newborn, and cake smash photography. I am proud of saying that majority of my clients are extremely satisfied with my job and welcome you to view my website to read my testimonials. So, to get in touch with one of the leading Gold Coast photographers, give me a call 0n 0449 658 131.

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