Choosing a Location for your Family Portrait

Family photos are timeless keepsakes, especially when they are set in the great outdoors. Recently, I have found more and more clients choosing an outdoor location for their family portrait because of the many different backdrops nature provides and am often asked what the best outdoor location to take family portraits is. My answer to that question is that there is no particular location because it depends on many factors. As long as you have a beautiful location at the right time of day, then your photo will always be one that is individual and unique to you and your family. Most importantly, the best thing about having a family portrait taken is that it will encapsulate a memory that will last forever.

Family Portrait

There are many beautiful locations where you can have wonderful family portraits taken. In this article, I will give you some ideas that will get you on your way to capturing your cherished family moments.

What the Great Outdoors Refers To

The great outdoors is any nature scene; this includes the beach, a forest, open fields or even rivers, etc. Therefore, as you can imagine, here on the Gold Coast, there are plenty of locations that can provide a beautiful backdrop for your family portrait. One reason that such locations are popular, and continuing to grow in popularity, are because they enable a variety of props to easily be included in the portrait. Introducing bikes, quilts and other such elements can add that extra touch to an otherwise standard photo.

Another outdoor setting for family portraits that I love is what I like to call the Urban Adventure. What I like about this type of location is that when you incorporate a building, a natural structure or other types of cityscape into a family portrait, it makes the whole composition much more interesting. Not only does this add an eye-catching feature to the photo but also it makes the portrait unique. Adding another element into the photo creates a different look each time; and you don’t know what to expect when you turn the corner, which makes this type of photo exciting and fresh. If you are a family who loves variety, then may be the perfect location for your family portrait.

Other Locations

If it is tradition that you are after, then there is nothing more traditional than the studio location for your family portrait. Although it is traditional, I see fewer families choosing this type of portrait. I remember many years ago, that this type of location was by far the most popular choice for family portraits. Although I still shoot in my studio often, especially for newborn photography, there is far less call for this type of family portrait these days. At Little Orange Photography, the choice is totally yours, but I love when families choose the great outdoors for their portraits because they then become just a bit more interesting.

The latest location trend that is becoming increasingly popular for family portraits is simply for the photo-shoot to be taken at the family’s home. It seems as though many families are looking for their portraits to be natural and realistic, and what better way to feel relaxed and comfortable than in your own home environment? This option provides a new and creative way of taking professional photos. Professional photographers such myself will enjoy the challenges and variety that comes from capturing portraits in this kind of environment. If for any reason you do not love the décor in your home, then this option may not be viable. The other thing that you will also need to ensure you end up with a great portrait is good natural lighting – without this, the portrait will not work.


If you decide to a professional family portrait taken, you will find there are numerous new and exciting ideas when it comes to photo-shoot locations. Choose the great outdoors and have your family portrait taken surrounded by nature or an urban landscape, or choose a more traditional setting such as the photographer’s studio or even your own home. Regardless of the location, one thing guaranteed to shine through is the love your family has for one another and this can be captured and cherished for life with a family portrait.

So if you are looking to have your family portrait taken by a professional portrait photographer on the Gold Coast, feel free to call us at Little Orange Photography, or visit the website for more information on family portrait photography.

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