Kids Photography
Little Girl sat in a bucket

Gold Coast Kids Photography by Little Orange Photography

All children in this world deserve to be loved happy and celebrated. They are incredible. From the very first time we set our eyes on them to the teenager next-door moving through different stages in this life. Each child allows us as parents to see some truly unforgettable moments. (just ask your parents)

They are there everyday if you look closely, from a 6 months old about to start crawling or to the more energetic 5 year old riding his bike free from training wheels and the talented teenager who has the passion and drive to accomplish anything they set their mind at, you will see the alluring moments they often give us that we as parents can be too busy to see.

I find myself just watching and waiting for those moments in my day to day routine whilst with my own kids.

They provide me endless examples; brings my heart full of joy and makes me laugh until I’m on the verge of crying. I would be truly happy if I could relive these moments and push the rewind button to experience it again and again, where as in reality this isn’t possible neither is it possible to remember and relive inside my head the same memory over and over and to feel the same authentic warm fuzzy feelings I have at that time. This is where I like to use my passion to allow me the pleasure of capturing your children during those moments, which inflict the deep heartfelt feeling you love. My Kids photography service continues the ride of warm fuzzy feelings we crave when they are long gone and also gives me the drive to search for new moments and have them stored and imprinted where ever you choose such as a picture on your wall to look at every day or nestled in a beautiful album for you to open when ever you feel like.

Photography was what I was born to do and I feel every ounce of happiness when I’m able to do this for you.

Whatever your children are good at whatever their personality I love to watch, play and join in with them to truly grab that moment of who they are in that time.

If you would like to book a kids photography session with Little Orange Photography, please contact me to arrange a time or feel free to contact me should you have any questions in regards to your future session and or booking. You can contact me on 0449 658 131.

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