Isla 7 weeks – Baby Photographer in Tugun

One of the best bits about my profession as a baby photographer in Tugun is welcoming all these wonderful babies into my studio in Tugun.

Welcome Isla! This beautiful young lady was 7 weeks old when I was asked to take her baby photos. With her stunning eyes and lots of hair she sucked me in completely. I feel in love…  As with Isla comes her older sister Piper at 2 years old,  She can be seen in the family image below. They truly have a great mix of their parents genes.
Capturing those unforgettable moments and delicate details at a young age is priceless. This is a snippet of a beautiful gallery that you can expect with me Mel at Little Orange Photography. Specialising as a baby photographer in the suburb of Tugun I see lots of babies at many different ages from all over the coast and past Brisbane.

I hope to meet Isla in the near future and see how she grows into a busy toddler.

baby Photographer

Little Boy Photography1

Family Photo1

Baby photographer

Child Photography1

Baby Photography1

Newborn Photographer1

Newborn Photographers1

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