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Baby Photography

Capture your special moments!

There are certain moments in our lives that we consider pure joy such as being pregnant, giving birth, your child’s first birthday, and of course, your wedding. Although you cannot make these moments last forever, you can preserve them for a lifetime by simply capturing them on film. Years after your wedding day or after you’ve given birth to your first child, photographs can easily take you back to that special moment and will help you relive the greatest emotions you have ever felt. There is no better way to document life’s finest moments than getting a professional Gold Coast photographer to photography them.

Maternity Photography

Being pregnant is definitely one of the most exciting stages of any woman’s life. This is particularly overpowering for first-timers. Most of us cannot really fathom the idea that an actual human being is growing inside our belly. Although we carry our precious ones for just nine months, the glorious glow of a mum-to-be can be documented for a life-time by simply taking advantage of maternity photography services offered by a Gold Coast photographer. Maternity photography isn’t just about taking pictures of your growing bump, it’s about taking those most cherished photos that can help you go back to this special time in a single glimpse.

Baby Photography

Perhaps, the only thing that is more exciting about being pregnant is actually holding your newborn baby in your arms. But remember, your precious child will not stay like this forever. Blink and they’re already attending pre-school and you’ll wonder where the years went. This is why baby photography is crucial. Although you cannot stop your child from growing up, you can always be reminded of this magical stage of their life through a photograph. If you’re a new mum and wanting to savour the moment for a long as possible, contact a Gold Coast photographer such as myself and arrange a photo session ASAP, time is crucial; before you know it, they’ll be a toddler!

Child’s first birthday

After giving birth, you’ll realise that your child can give you happiness like nobody else. Those precious smiles and those little cute hands will easily fill your heart with overflowing love. Aside from that, each milestone that they reach will make you more proud and fall deeper in love. Perhaps, the biggest event that you’ll look forward to after giving birth is your child’s first birthday. Just like any other firsts in our child’s life, you’ll want to make this fun and memorable. Some parents will spend not just weeks but months planning their babies 1st birthday. If you’re like me, and want to make your babies 1st birthday one you’ll remember for the rest of their lives, one thing you have to put on top of your list is cake smash photography!

What is cake smash photography you ask? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like! We place a cake (or at Little Orange, giant cupcake) in front of the birthday boy or girl, get the camera ready and away we go! Your child will be encouraged to be messy and basically have fun without being forced to do traditional poses.

This photoshoot can also be scheduled weeks before the child’s actual birthday where the photos can then be used as the birthday invitations. Although cake smash photography is all about making sure that the baby is having fun, you should hire a professional Gold Coast photographer who specialise in this type of service. At Little Orange Photography we supply everything including the giant cupcake so all you need to do it sit back, let the cake smashing begin!

How to find the best Gold Coast photographer to capture your special moments

Pregnancy, newborns, and your child’s first birthday are indeed some of the moments in your life that you’ll consider most important. Years from now, you’ll remember these events in your life and no matter how long it has been, these memories will still put smile on your face. When hiring a Gold Coast photographer, make sure you choose only the best; otherwise there is a risk that your photos will not turn out as great as you expected. Be sure to check not only their portfolio but also the experience and client satisfaction.

To ensure all the special moments in your life are captured, trust me, Melanie Tucker; a professional Gold Coast photographer who specialises in maternity, newborn, and cake smash photography. Let me document your special moments so you can cherish them for life.

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