Family portraits – Why hiring a professional family photography makes sense

family portraitsFamily is the most important thing in the world and I bet you will agree with me. Our parents and siblings are the first people we love and trust and although there are times that we don’t see eye to eye and argue over the most trivial of things, we love them regardless. They are the first people we think about when we have good news to share or need advice from. And although we know that we can’t always be together (children getting married or they’re off to college), we know that we can preserve our happy moments through family portraits.

Family portraits are great for preserving memories. Growing up, my mother would arrange to have a new professional family portrait taken each time a special occasion occurred within our family; like our very first portrait, or each time we’d welcome a new addition to the family and when we siblings all were married off with partners of our own. And although time has passed, I still get a smile on my face when I look at these portraits. They take me back to being a kid again –back to some of happiest times of my life – they provide powerful memories that would otherwise be forgotten which is why, my family portraits are among the top five things I would do no matter what.

Today, with the availability of camera phones, anyone can take a family portrait anytime, anywhere. However, if you are looking for something you hang with pride, provides you with the same colourful memories I just touched on and makes guests to your house stop and take notice, then I recommend you look at hiring a professional Family portrait photographer and here’s why:

  • Experience – Professional portrait photographers like myself have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of family portraits. Our experience has taught us valuable techniques and has helped to produce artistic photographs that simply can’t be captured on a phone or standard camera. It’s often hard to get your family all together at the same place and the same time, because of this, when everyone is finally all together you’ll want to make sure that you get the best family portrait possible so you can relive some of the happiest moments of your life.
  • Training – Simply having a decent camera isn’t enough to take a great family portrait. You’ll need the very capable hands of a Portrait photographer who has spent years honing their skills to create images that will capture not just the moment but also the emotions. Family Portrait photographers have what it takes to properly compose images and light them also.
  • Superior equipment – Professional photographers don’t invest only in education and training, they also invest on superior cameras and lighting equipment that are required to produce beautiful, high quality images. Hiring a professional portrait photographer to take your family portraits will save you from buying high-end cameras yet will ensure that you’ll get the best possible photos.
  • Multiple options – Most professional photographers will offer you several choices when it comes to Family Portraits. The portraits I take here at Little Orange Photography can be compiled and delivered in a glossy album, books, or canvasses. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that the images will look superb and extremely professional.
  • All the family members will be included in the photo – Typically, when we take our own family portrait, one family member is always missing from the photo as they’ve had to play photographer. This is something that you can avoid when hiring professional Portrait photographer for your Family Portrait.
  • Professional guidance – Unlike regular family photos, working with a professional Portrait photographer allows you to benefit from their expertise and experience. As a result, your session will not only be well thought out, but well styled as well. If you choose Little Orange Photography to take your Family Portraits, I will provide you with tips as to what kind of clothing you should wear to complement each other’s outfit. I’ll also help you identify the best location based on your preferred theme. This single point can definitely make a huge difference on the final finished product.

Hiring a professional photographer for your family portrait doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending thousands of dollars. You can get exceptionally high quality photographs without spending a fortune by simply looking for a Gold Coast Family Portrait photographer who doesn’t charge an arm and leg for their service. Here at Little Orange Photography, my sessions start at just $100 for a family session. However, price shouldn’t be your sole determining factor when looking for somebody to take your pictures; you should also consider their experience, their track record, and of course, their portfolio, so be sure to look at my Family Portrait portfolio before you decide to go with any other photographer.

My commitment to capture your family’s greatest moments can provide you a guarantee that I offer nothing but the best. For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by calling 0449 658 131 or contact me online, I look forward to taking your family’s portrait.

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