Tips for Creating Professional looking Maternity Photos

Congratulations, you’re going to be a mum! Although the 9 month journey isn’t what most women would call ‘a walk in the park’, it is definitely the most exciting stage of any woman’s life. In a few months, you’re going to give birth to your bundle of joy, but for now; enjoy the flutters, the butterflies, and even the bizarre cravings that come with it. Although 9 months can seem like an eternity, it can pass you by in a blink of an eye and before you know it your baby is born and you wonder where time went, I know, I felt this way after the birth of both my boys!

maternity photography

Maternity photography photoshoot in Brisbane

Celebrate your pregnancy by getting something that will help you remember this exciting time; something that will remind you of your pregnant look and how you felt while your baby is still in your belly. For those living in South East Queensland, consider taking advantage of my photography services! I offer maternity photography in Brisbane, and the Gold Coast that are not only affordable, but are something you can cherish for the rest of your life. However, if you’d rather put your money into setting up your nursery, or even put it towards booking a newborn photography session, then DIY maternity photography is the way to go!

I am more than happy to provide you with effective tips for creating professional looking maternity photos so continue reading this article to find out how.

Strike beautiful poses

The main goal of maternity photography is to highlight your growing belly and there are some great poses you can do to emphasise this. The very basic pose is to stand sideways looking to the front then putt your hand under your belly. This works really nice during your 7th to 9th month as your belly looks really nice and really round. Another great pose is to stand sideways, again looking to the front and placing one hand on top of your belly and the other one under. You can try raising your one leg (the one away from the camera) to create an S-curve through the frame.

These are just the basic poses but you can be very creative when it comes to maternity photography, just do what feels right and looks great. The sky is really the limit. Just make sure that your poses are comfortable and that they will not put you and your baby at risk. You can sit down, lie down, or just be playful in front of the camera. You can get your photographer to get up high when taking your pictures. This angle flatters your overall physique and will definitely highlight some of the amazing details of the pregnancy.

Adequate, perfect lighting

The real secret to professional-looking maternity photography is proper lighting. If your photos are being taken by your sister or your partner indoors, the best source of lighting that you can use is the sunlight. Stand beside a clean big window and you’ll more likely to get the kind of lighting you’re going to need. If the sun is too bright or too hot, you can use cloth to soften the light. When shooting outdoors, have your photos taken either during sunrise or sunset. These are the best times and are favored by all photographers!

Pay attention to your outfit

Be careful when choosing what you’re going to wear for your maternity photoshoot. What really works for me and for most of my clients is a button down shirt and boy-short type panties. This outfit always works beautifully with this type of photoshoot as it gives you the classic yet adorable look. If you aren’t shy about wearing bra and panties, then, I would recommend this outfit as well. This helps you show off your incredible body and send the message that you’re indeed embracing your pregnancy with all your heart and soul.

Choosing the perfect setting

Choosing the best location for your photoshoot is just as important as the other elements I’ve mentioned above. In Brisbane there are some gorgeous sceneries that can be taken advantage of. Some pregnant women prefer a more natural setting and they go to the beach, the parks of Kangaroo Point or the beautiful Botanical Garden to have their maternity pictures taken. Personally, I think that there is no better background for this type of photoshoot than nature’s beauty and this is what I recommend when I shoot maternity photography in Brisbane. It makes the pictures look crisper and they definitely stand out from the crowd. When choosing your location, pick something that will compliment your personality so the pictures will become more you.

Technical tips for professional looking Maternity Photos

Whether you’re taking your maternity photos indoors or outdoors, I suggest that you avoid camera flashes. Whenever possible, use natural lights or supplement with studio lights as these make your photos look more professional. When choosing the background colour, choose something that is similar to the colour of your clothes. The idea here is to make your belly stand out more, as your clothes will easily blend with the background.


Creating professional looking maternity is easy if you just follow all the tips I have outlined above. However, if you’d rather hire a professional with in-depth knowledge in how to achieve stunning maternity photos, then take advantage of my services and book your maternity photography in Brisbane today. With my passion for the art,you can be assured that you’re going to love the end result. So, call me now and book your maternity session no later than you 34th week.

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