Celebrate your love with couple’s photography

For some of us, finding true love is such an impossible feat in this day and age. You put yourself out there and end up brokenhearted. However, there are the lucky few who find their soul mate; that one person that makes you fall head over heels in love; someone who simply makes your life happier. If you’re lucky enough to be one of them, memorialise your commitment to each other through couples photography. Years from now when you’re married and have a family together, you’ll be very thankful that you took the time to preserve some of the best exciting, great memories of your life – there simply is no better way to celebrate the love for your partner!

couple’s photography

couple’s photography service from Little Orange Photography

Couples photography is all about celebrating your relationship and who you are as partners. It is one of the most creative ways to capture the passion of your relationship and it’s the best way to help you recall the memories and the joy you held as a couple. Some clients take advantage of this service for no other reason than love’s sake. However, more couples are booking couples photography sessions to mark special milestones in their relationship like their anniversary, an engagement or to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child with maternity photography to showcase the expecting mother’s gorgeous baby bump.

The first steps

If you made up your mind and if you’re ready to have your pictures taken with your special someone, the first step that you need to take is to find the best photographer that can create a stunning masterpiece that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. Although there are several Gold Coast photographers out there, not all of them specialise in couples photography. Choose one that has are great portfolio, client testimonials and you find to be friendly & easy to work with, and preferably, someone who is geographically close to you.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect photographer for your couples photography, the next step is to schedule a consultation. Here, you can talk about your preferred theme, your preferred date for the photoshoot, etc. This is also where your photographer will give you professional advice on the best location, on what kind of outfit you’re going to wear, etc.

If you’re on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, know that one of your best options is Little Orange Photography – I specialise in capturing moments involving couples, families, and little ones. Aside from extensive training and experience, I also have an excellent reputation of making sure my clients are happy with the end result.

Having Fun

If this is your professional photoshoot, the ultimate tip that I can give you is to just have fun. Don’t feel pressured to look perfect on each picture; act natural and I am sure that your pictures will come out stunning. Also, if you’re clueless about great poses, do you research and look at photos of couples online to get an idea. At Little Orange Photography, I coach my clients the best poses to help them feel good, relaxed, and confident.

I also recommend outdoor photoshoots for this type of photography. There’s just something about the nature and true love that can make your photos look endearing. If you’re on the Gold Coast, the best locations are of course, the region’s pristine beaches or any part of hinterland.

Just have fun and leave everything else to your photographer. In fact, if you don’t like doing traditional poses or don’t want your photos to look like they were staged, you can just go ahead and do your thing and your photographer will make sure that they capture your candid moments that you’ll be happy to reminisce in the years to come.


Although there are so many ways to celebrate your love for your partner, there is no better than through a couples photography session. Create life long memories that you’ll be able to recall even after you’re married and have started a family.

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast photographer who specialises in couples photography, consider Little Orange Photography. Besides capturing you as a loved up couple, I also offer maternity, newborn, cake smash and family photography services for the Gold Coast and greater region. For bookings, please call 0449 658 131.

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