Christmas Family Traditions

Christmas family traditions are so personal to each and every family.

Welcome everyone to Christmas in exactly 63 days Wow how exciting! I am a person who loves Christmas probably even more than I did as a child. I know there are those of you who would rather not worry about it and those who love it as much as me.

We all have one thing in common right? – Christmas family traditions!

We all have something traditional in our families and for me its Christmas photos.

We take the time to look and seek delightful finds and spend money on gifts for friends and family members . This part I really enjoy and my husband not so much; all because of the amount I spend and then the wrapping! Oh yes the wrapping… Im sure you can identify with this.

In my family we have a  great tradition year in year out… This tradition has stemmed from us – Myself, Lee and the 2 boys Nate and Owen being absent from our family for the last 12 Christmas’s sometimes its a blessing but more often its really sad. We miss celebrating with them and the wet weather (how I wish it was snow) well I do, the boys just miss the Christmas gifts.

So I’ve started a Christmas family tradition in our little family and my skill as a photographer have enabled me to do this. They make great gifts for everyone!

christmas family photos

It’s really exciting and I have an amazing amount of fun creating a set up each year for the boys.

Can you guess what it is yet? Yes! you guessed its Christmas mini sessions.

Each year I love to organise, design and fill families on the gold coast full of Christmas spirit this then leads onto grandparents and family members over seas as each year they receive our Christmas family tradtion as a christmas gift just for them.

Personalised with their favourite little family members.

A bespoke Christmas set up with Christmas cheer including milk and cookies and candy canes. Little ones light up with the details snow under their feet and fancy Christmas decorations the look on their faces is true delight. My boys even now as 6 and 8 years old love it and this makes for great photos. Happy little smiling faces with cookies and milk dressed in Christmas outfits just the thing needed to personalise a gift to grandparents and you know even for me as a mum I love being able to bring out the prints from each year as they add to my decor for Christmas time.

Christmas family traditions

Its the novelty things I love the most being able to send a bespoke Christmas card to all of my family and you know its received well before Christmas for them to display and cherish. My Mum and Gran especially like to keep them as keep sakes each year. It’s really special to me and them.

Here we aim to delight not only your little ones but you too and the rest of your family. Have you heard the saying “A picture speaks a thousand words” well this is just it. Christmas cheers all round.

So how do you go about finding something like this? well first and foremost you don’t need to look any further you’ve come to the right place.

Click the book now sign and leave the rest to me. You’ll be sending your Christmas cards and gift giving before you know it at an affordable price and the memories come for free. Hope to see you there November 11th + 12th Don’t delay these are not to be missed.

These sessions are based in Burleigh on the Gold Coast.

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