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Family Photography – The Philippi’s

The Love of a family is life’s greatest blessing! Meet the Philippi’s – doting dad James took it upon himself to exist in photographs with his children. Looking for your perfect family image? Dont hesitate and call Mel today to make an enquiry 0449658131!  ... Read More

Family photographer on the Gold Coast

  MEET THE GORGEOUS ARMSTRONG FAMILY ON THE GOLD COAST November 2015 I love beach family sessions they truly make me smile from the inside out and even more when I get to see the babies I captured growing up! This young family has a new addition Grace! I met the gorgeous Armstrong family back w... Read More

Tips for a Successful Family Photo shoot

A family photo is a wonderful thing to have, especially if there is a new member to welcome into the family. A single photo has the ability to capture all generations together and act as a fantastic keepsake for the younger generations to remember the older generations in years to come. I know from ... Read More

Tips for Couples Photography

While most of my time is spent taking photos of newborn babies and families, one form of photography that I have seen grow in popularity is couples photography. To be honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off sooner as one sure way to capture and display your affection for your partner is throug... Read More

Choosing a Location for your Family Portrait

Family photos are timeless keepsakes, especially when they are set in the great outdoors. Recently, I have found more and more clients choosing an outdoor location for their family portrait because of the many different backdrops nature provides and am often asked what the best outdoor location to t... Read More

How to Capture a Personality in Portrait Photography

The job of a photographer isn’t an easy one, but working as a portrait photographer is even harder and has its own unique challenges. In order for us to take a good portrait, we need to be capable of capturing a person’s personality while making them looks as natural as possible. To achieve all ... Read More

The hendersons | Family Photography

Welcome to The Hendersons… This wonderful family visited last christmas 2014! Its been nearly a year since I had a session with them and clearly by the children’s faces they enjoyed themselves. This family was a traditional family and wanted their family photography in the stud... Read More

McGowan Family | Family portrait photographer Gold Coast

Welcome to another wonderful family on the gold coast The McGowans!  Taken by Mel Your local family portrait photographer on the Gold Coast.   Beautiful Caeli (3 Years old) was on top of the world Saturday morning at 4.45am, whilst most people are still asleep or just waking this beautiful fam... Read More

Portrait photography – How to get amazing family portraits

In our busy world, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get the whole family together as schedules, work, and other commitments get in the way. Sometimes, families only see each other during special occasions and we can’t help but to wish to freeze this precious moment even if just for a ... Read More


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