Photograph Your Child’s Milestones with a Cake Smash Photography Session

If you are looking forward to doing something a bit different, yet trendy & stylish to celebrate your child’s first birthday, then I recommend you look at cake smash photography services. This relatively new photography service is not only growing in popularity in Brisbane, but around Australian and across the globe! When you book cake smash photography in Brisbane, you’re essentially capturing your children’s most important milestone while letting them be…. well, be children! There is no staged poses, no awkward forced smiles, with this photography service, children are given the opportunity to express themselves and have unlimited fun – there are no rules! They can eat their cake, jump on it, sit on it, or as the name suggests…smash it! Basically they can do whatever it is that pleases them and I will be there to capture every moment as they giggle and as their eyes twinkle.

Cake smash

Cake Smash Photography in Brisbane by Little Orange Photography

Here at Little Orange Photography, I make sure that when you book Cake Smash Photography in Brisbane, the event is enjoyable and unforgettable for both parents and the children. Aside from taking photos, I can also help you make your booking customised as I understand parents want everything to be unique when it comes to their children’s photographs. I can help you pick the props and backdrops that will best compliment your children’s personality.

My Cake Smash Photography session in Brisbane typically last between 45-60 minutes. This includes the time that I adjust the lighting and patiently wait for your baby to be comfortable with it before I start shooting. Each booking is inclusive of a customised giant cupcake made with vanilla frosting, a framed 12×12 image that you can hang on the nursery, 5 high-resolution images, a beautiful handmade bunting, and a stunning birthday card that contains your favourite image from the session. A lot of parents will book this photography session a couple of weeks before their children’s first birthday and there’s a good reason for it – they cleverly use the images taken at the cake smash photoshoot as their party invites, which make them unique and worth keeping.

Cake smash photography experience

This type of photoshoot is relatively new and very few photographers in Brisbane and Gold Coast actually offer this to their clients. If you’re thinking about booking a session but don’t know exactly what you can expect, let me give you an idea.

Here at Little Orange Photography, I make sure that this is a wonderful experience not just for parents but most especially to the child. And don’t worry, I won’t just put your little one in front of the camera and hope they smile and strike cute poses. Being a mother of two boys, I am very passionate about kids and love working with them – proof to this can be seen in the photos I’ve taken in previous Brisbane Cake Smash Photography sessions. Be sure to check them out here!

To make sure that I’ll get great photos and at the same time, make the whole session an enjoyable experience for my cute model, I create a safe, pleasant, and fun environment for them so they will feel relaxed, happy, and creative. My goal is to ensure that each child is having an absolute fun before I start taking photos.

How to prepare for your child’s cake smash photography?

This is the most common question that I get from Brisbane parents who are thinking about taking advantage of this service. We’ll, I am happy to tell you that I take the extra mile to make sure that I take care as many elements as possible for your convenience. But there are some things that you can contribute to make this session comfortable and extra fun for your little one. First, I would suggest letting your baby have a cake at least two times in the weeks before the photoshoot just to familiarise them and get excited about it. Also, I suggest having at least two outfits – the cake smash attire (which is usually just a diaper or tutu for girls) and a cute first birthday outfit. Lastly, I suggest bringing your baby’s favourite dry finger food just in case they would be interested in stuffing it into the cake. Don’t forget the sippy cup and a couple of his or her favourite toys.


There is no better way to celebrate your child’s milestone than with a cake smash photography session. This photoshoot will give you the best pictures of your child that you’ll surely treasure for the rest of your life.

If you child’s first birthday is coming up and you’re interested in getting additional information about a Cake Smash photoshoot in Brisbane, please contact me as soon as possible because my schedule fills up quite quickly. I can offer you advice and provide you with answers to your enquiries. For bookings, please call 0449 658 131 and together, we’ll make a lasting memory of your child’s first amazing milestone.

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