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Newborn photographer on the Gold Coast

A lifestyle session is completely different to your usual newborn photographer on the Gold Coast in studio session. The session takes place at your home because you and your life is beautiful, your real everyday life! Its runs for about 2-3 hours so you can feel completely comfortable and let go to ... Read More

Family photographer on the Gold Coast

  MEET THE GORGEOUS ARMSTRONG FAMILY ON THE GOLD COAST November 2015 I love beach family sessions they truly make me smile from the inside out and even more when I get to see the babies I captured growing up! This young family has a new addition Grace! I met the gorgeous Armstrong family back w... Read More

Tips for a Successful Family Photo shoot

A family photo is a wonderful thing to have, especially if there is a new member to welcome into the family. A single photo has the ability to capture all generations together and act as a fantastic keepsake for the younger generations to remember the older generations in years to come. I know from ... Read More

Adorable Ideas for Baby and Maternity Pictures

We have all seen some of the ordinary ways in which people tell, or announce, that they are expecting. However, for your own announcement, are you looking for something that is not only unique and creative, but also something that you can keep forever? As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand... Read More

Maternity Photography: How to Master your Session

Falling pregnant is a dream come true for many women. It is an extremely special time in one’s life that should be cherished, so it is no surprise that mothers-to-be want to capture this period in their lives in as many ways as possible. One of the best ways to do just this is to hire a Gold Coast... Read More

Pregnancy Photos Empowering Women around the World

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing that should not be taken for granted. So surely, showing off your body as your baby grows is something that every pregnant woman should be proud to do. However, this is not the case for many women; they become self-conscious of their stretch marks and their expand... Read More

Tips for Couples Photography

While most of my time is spent taking photos of newborn babies and families, one form of photography that I have seen grow in popularity is couples photography. To be honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off sooner as one sure way to capture and display your affection for your partner is throug... Read More

Tips for a Successful Kids Photography Shoot

As the saying goes, you should never work with children or animals, but in my line of work, I interact with kids on a daily basis and would not change it for the world. While it is true that kids can be challenging, particularly if they are not in the mood to have their photo taken, as a kids photog... Read More

How to Take Professional Looking Baby Photos

All babies are cute so taking a cute baby photo isn’t a difficult task, but there are many ways you can make cute baby photos even cuter. As with the nature of photography, taking the perfect photo is going to be a challenge, and even more so when it comes to working with babies. I know from my ow... Read More

How to Choose a Children’s Photographer

When it comes to getting photographs of your children, there are so many Gold Coast photographers to choose from that finding the right one for your children can be difficult. The photos you will have taken of your children will hold memories for a lifetime; therefore, you want to make sure that you... Read More


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