Baby Shower Gifts for Expectant Mums!

Baby shower gifts for expectant mums

Baby shower gifts for expectant mums

When buying a baby shower gift for an expectant mum it can be hard to stay away from those super cute little outfits… But the truth is you only need so many small clothes as they grow out of them so quickly as young bubs! And while a 0000 tutu might be a cute idea, it’s also super impractical. So why not think outside the box? Here are a few ideas that every mum will love!

Lighten the load

A professional house clean for when the baby comes is invaluable when a newborn baby moves in. For the first few weeks/months babies can be very demanding and it is quite draining for new parents. Your friend will most likely be struggling to keep up with chores so this is a gift that they will be very grateful for!

Capture the Moment

Pregnancy and newborn babies are such a precious moment and will flash by before you know it. Booking your friend a photography session is a great gift idea as this is a part of their lift they will want to remember forever! You can choose between a maternity shoot or a shoot of their new born. (or maybe both if your feeling generous!). See here for examples of our work.

Words of Wisdom

If your friend is a first time mum then they are probably a little nervous and overwhelmed about what they know they are in for. Why not compile a little book of tips and tricks that will help them through the first few months! If you aren’t a mum yourself then maybe you can ask family and friends for their best tips. This is a gift that keeps on giving!

Gifts like these are the best kind as they add such a personal touch. If none of these are your thing then just think of something you know your friend will appreciate, a trip to the day spa is always good too!



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