Why a Baby Photography package is the perfect gift for someone expecting

Baby Photography PackageSo, one of your girlfriends or family members is expecting and now you’re wondering ‘what’s the best gift to give the soon-to-be mother and the child?’ While most people would typically go to a maternity & infant shop to buy feeding bottles, a teddy bear or nappies, you can make your gift stand out from the crowd by being creative. My suggestion is a Baby Photography package that the soon-to-be-mother will surely appreciate.

Why a Baby photography package is a great gift for somebody expecting?

At the baby showers of each of my sons, my friends and family spoilt me with gifts. Although I appreciated feeding bottles and nappies, I had already stocked up an ample supply of both. However, the photographs I have of my boys as a baby are something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. These photographs hang tall on my walls and I know that years and even decades from now, they will still bring smile to my face. I am sure your recipient will feel the same way if you give them a Baby photography package.

But what is baby photography package?

Baby photography packages will differ from one photographer to another. Generally a Baby photography package will provide a professional photography session for the new mum once they’ve given birth. While other packages may include that added option of a Maternity photography session for the mum-to-be before they give birth. If you feel that the would-be recipient would appreciate getting photographed while her tummy is still big, then, by all means, include this in the package. The good thing about Baby photography is that you can customise a package to meet your budget, or the client’s specific needs and demands.

A Baby photography session at Little Orange Photography typically last for 2-4 hours. In a session, the baby, and if desired, the parents are photographed in various positions to ensure there is a wide variety of great images to choose from before the photographs are edited.

How much should I be prepared to pay for a Baby photography package?

Gold Coast Baby photographers have different on-going rates and will charge based on the number of hours they spend photographing a baby at a session. Generally what makes Baby photography packages differ from Baby photography sessions are the extras you get beyond the session itself; the prints, albums, books etc are all additional extras. The cost of a package will depend on the number of photos you have printed, the size and how they’re going to be printed (with or without wood frames, for example).

My suggestion would be to call your preferred Gold Coast baby photographer and inquire about their session rates and what is included in their baby photographer package. Here at Little Orange Photography, the rate for a 2-4 hour session starts at just $150. If you’re considering Baby photography as a gift, it’s always great to split the costs with a couple of friends, that way you’ll be able to gift them a package, rather than just a session. I am sure you’ll agree that a Baby photography package makes for the perfect gift for any expecting mum. It’s not only unique but this gift is also something that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Don’t be surprised if the recipient continues to thank you even after their baby has grown up.

Choose the best Baby photographer

When thinking about giving an expecting mother the gift of Baby photography, the most important decision that you’ll have to make is what Gold Coast Baby photographer to choose. Choose one based on their years of experience, their track record, and if you find their portfolio impressive – the proof really is in the pudding! You’ll be assured that the recipient will get amazing photos of her newborn baby if you work with a Gold Coast Baby photographer who is not only skilful but is also passionate about what he or she is doing. Also, shop around and compare not just the quality of pictures they produce but also their rates, you don’t want to spend more than you have to for the pictures of the same quality.

Little Orange Photography for your baby photography package

If you’re searching for the best Baby photographer on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, look no further, hire me! I am not only a professional photographer with years of experience but I am also passionate about taking pictures of babies and newborns. I invite you to view my Baby photography portfolio to see the work I’m capable of and I look forward to capturing something just amazing for the mother-to-be in your life.

For your Gold Coast Baby photography needs, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on0449 658 131.

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