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I’m so lucky to be able to produce family photography on the Gold Coast. I recently had a fabulous session with the Armstrong family, they live near the most magical place a stones throw away from Currumbin beach.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either.

We met at Currumbin beach on the Gold Coast (One of my all time fav’s) I love shooting at this location because it never ceases to amaze me. Late in the afternoon can really produce some wonderful sky lines, this makes it perfect for producing something spectacular that this family will never forget. Lets face it its right on their doorstop who wouldn’t love to spend family time on the beach each and every afternoon? I know little Lachlan will when he’s a toddler and coming into his own in the years to come.
I was able to work in the props for little Lachlan since he wasn’t sitting and the outfits they chose, really complimented where we were thus producing some amazing photos.

It truly was an amazing photo shoot. And if any of you are considering a family session or are prepping for an upcoming session, heed the words of Sarah “I was nervous as I had never done photo shoots didn’t know what to expect but as it turned out I had the best time”
“its the best time of your life having Melanie to capture that moment of being a new family” …she says. Solid advice!

Okay, on to pictures of the Armstrong family!

Family Photography in GC 03

Family Photography

Family Photography in GC 4

Baby Photography GC

Family Photography in GC

Armstrong Family Photographs GC

Family Photography in GC 02

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