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6 Main Roles As A Parent

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When it comes to your child, you’re not just Mum and Dad; you are everything and anything to them. You are completely and utterly responsible for this human being and the multiple roles you play in their lives and how you play these roles can shape them into the people they become. Let’s look at the roles you take on when you become a parent:

  1. Provider – the number one role as a parent is to take care of the biological needs of your child; Providing nutritional food, adequate clothing, a safe and nurturing environment are essential for your child’s survival.child photography
  1. Protector – Apart from providing a safe environment for your child, you’re responsible for ensuring your child is safe from harm by telling them what is safe and was is not and protecting them from dangerous situations. Teaching them right from wrong and the concept of danger will make your child feel safe and they’ll be better equipped for when they venture out by themselves.baby sleeping
  1. Teacher – You are your child’s first teacher. The teaching and education you provide will undoubtedly shape your child’s development and growth. As well as teaching them how to read, write, walk and talk – parent’s must be a role model for their children to teach them what it means to be a man or a woman and what that entails. It’s also really important to give your children social and communication skills and integrate them into their community. Delegating tasks can promote independence and problem solving skills.child photography
  1. Counsellor – It’s important not to command and demand too much from your children, but to also listen to them and provide them with appropriate direction and guidance to make up their own minds and decisions. This will encourage your children to think for themselves and develop a sense of achievement when they’ve succeeded in finding a solution. Guiding and explaining when your child goes wrong and help develop accountability and build resilience in children as well as promoting coping skills and independence.
  1. Cheerleader – You are your child’s biggest fan and they will look to you for support and encouragement in everything they do. Whether it’s at football games, spelling contests or talking to someone new, your motivation and persuasion will help them achieve their goals and strive to achieve success. Loving and supporting your child regardless of whether they succeed or fail will develop faith and lessen thefear of failure within your child.
  1. Disciplinarian – A major aspect of being a parent is to build authority, establish and maintain order in the family by applying a certain level of discipline. This role must be done effectively in order to have a positive impact on the child. Techniques such as a calm reaction, consistent responses and explaining to your child when their behaviour is inappropriate are essential in how your child learns from their inappropriate behaviour.

These days, there is so much advice out there on how to be a good parent, from social media, relatives and books that is can often become frustrating and overwhelming for parents. Just remember – you are doing your best. You know what is best for your child and you should always trust your instinct.

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