5 Tips for a successful family photography shoot

family photo shoot

5 Tips for a successful family photography shoot

So you’ve finally booked your family photography shoot, but how do you ensure you don’t end up with some cringe-worthy photo that will never make it on the wall? Being a professional family photographer I’d like to share a few tips of the trade I use to ensure my clients always end up with a creative family portrait that each member of the family will want a copy of! Keep the following in mind and I can guarantee you that your family photography shoot will be a success.

Create a theme for your family portrait

A week or so before your family photography shoot, you should talk to your spouse and children and decide on a theme of your family portrait. Do you want your pictures to tell a specific story? Do you want them to be candid or traditional? As a professional photographer, I encourage families to talk about their likes and dislikes before the actual photoshoot so necessary preparations can be made ahead of time. When choosing a theme, it is best that you pick one that will compliment your personality or your family’s lifestyle to ensure it comes across as natural and not forced.

Choose the clothing

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your family portrait, choosing what to wear becomes a lot easier. However, keep in mind that wearing matching clothing is no longer considered fashionable these days. Rather professional photographers including myself will recommend that you wear clothing that complements each other. To make this happen, select one focal piece that can help you plan everything around it. If you’re shooting outdoors, choose at least three primary colours to work with. Then, consider browns, whites, blacks, or greys that will work well with your primary colours. To ensure you family’s clothing choices work, consider a dress rehearsal before you and your family arrive at the photography session. Make necessary adjustments when and as needed. You can also take pictures during this rehearsal and send them to me for advice. I can then email you back any suggestions.

Make the photo look candid

My experience offering family photography services has made me realise that candid shots look more relaxed, natural and more fun compared to posed shots. During a photoshoot, I usually suggest clients to just ignore me and the camera and focus more on interacting with each other or to do things that interest them. Every time I do this, my clients are amazed with the authenticity and candid nature of the expressions captured. If you’re looking into professional family photography and have very young children, I recommend that instead of forcing them into doing standard poses let them play and do whatever they want. It will surely make your photoshoot more relaxed and more fun.

Have a fun family bonding moment before the shoot

The best advice I can give you when signing up to a family photography service is for your family to have some fun before arriving to the photoshoot. This will make everyone feel more relaxed and allow them to interact more naturally when the camera comes out.

Ask for suggestions

Although you’re really putting your trust into the photographer, you do have some responsibility when it comes to family photography. If this is your first time having a family portrait taken, chances are you’ll be a little worried that the end result might not be all you’d imagine it would be. If you’re uncertain as to what you need to do to get a great portrait, then do some research or ask for suggestions.

Look at family portrait portfolios online for some tips on what theme to go with and the type of clothing to wear during the shoot. You can also ask friends and family members who’ve had a portrait taken for some ideas. You should also ask your chosen professional photographer, they will surely provide you with great ideas that can make the whole process easier, convenient, and more fun for you and your family.

Making sure that your family photography shoot will turn out successful is extremely important. This is not because you’re paying for the service but also because you’ll want a family portrait that you and your family will be really proud of.

I care about my client’s satisfaction and understand the importance of having a good family portrait. If you’re looking for a family photographer in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, pick up the phone and give me a call on 0449 658 131.

To view my family photography portfolio, please click here.

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