Weird facts about pregnancy (but normal)

Going through pregnancy can be both a strange and exciting experience. The body goes through so many changes throughout the 9 months while you are growing a new life! Here are some of the weirdest facts about pregnancy.

Pregnancy Facts


  1. At 4 months pregnant you baby starts to pee inside you?! Not only that but they actually drink their own urine as part of the process. No wonder they will put anything in their mouth as a toddler!
  1. A baby will have all of their fingerprints by the time they are 9-12 weeks old in the womb.
  1. Your baby does cry while it’s inside your womb although you cant hear it through all of the fluid.
  1. While pregnant and for some time after birth, lactating can be bough on by the sound of a babies cry. It doesn’t even have to be your own baby!
  1. The reason that pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell is so that you can pick up on food you shouldn’t be eating. This is your bodies way of protecting your crying baby!
  1. Some of your symptoms of pregnancy can be transferred to your partner! It is common for the father of the baby to gain weight with their pregnant wives during the process.
  1. Experiencing pregnancy brain? It’s actually a thing! It’s caused by the lack of oxygen in your blood during pregnancy. So if you become more forgetful, don’t panic! You will get back to normal after the birth.
  1. Most women experience a skin tone change during pregnancy. You will also have healthier nails and hair whilst pregnant! Don’t freak out though if your hair starts to fall out once you give birth. This is just all the hair you would have normally lost over the last 9 months.
  1. Your baby gets food before you do. Your baby will take the nutrients it needs which can often leave you needing more! This is why you need to eat as healthy as you can during pregnancy.

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