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Studio Location: Palm Beach,
Southern Gold Coast


Maternity, Newborn and
Portrait Photography


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Hi my name is Mel, I’m a professional Gold Coast Newborn Photographer and here is a little bit of my story…

I guess you can tell from my photography portfolio that I have a great passion for Newborn Photography! Some would call it an obsession… I admit it proudly. Along with Newborn Photography, I also specialise in Baby Photography, Cake Smash Photography, Maternity Photography and Family Portrait Photography.
Coming up with Little Orange Photography as my business name came about whilst eating a mandarin (in the UK they are known as satsuma’s) it was squishy and small it was just like my first born’s face he was a chubba bubba with the most amazing cheeks. Read more

Landing in Australia 10 years ago and settling on the Southern Gold Coast took me far away from my loved ones in England. Our first-born son (Nate) came along soon after we arrived, I wanted to take a million photos of him, to share with all of my family; some across the globe and others down the road. It was a precious and captivating time… his first smiles… his first laughs…the first time he walked. By taking photographs of my son and our family, I wanted everyone to feel connected… to feel like they never missed a minute.

Sharing these moments was very important to me, as it will certainly be to you! Now, as a mum of 2 little boys, I put my heart and soul into providing a professional photography service for families on the Gold Coast and Brisbane that provides unforgettable photos that you’ll cherish for life.  I tailor every photography session so we can discover together your family’s unique qualities and personalities. My portraits, whether they’re of your newborn baby, a maternity portrait or a family portrait, are designed so that every time you look at one, you will see a new detail that delights and makes you smile.  My pleasure and my gift to you and your family will be delivering the simple beauty and genuineness that comes from human connection and a portrait, which expresses that emotion.

Thank you Melanie for the amazing photography experiences you have provided to me and my family. I have now had 3 sessions with Little Orange Photography and each time I have been impressed with the professionalism and the outcome of the sessions. We are always met with a warm welcome and feel comfortable in a completely relaxed atmosphere during the sessions. Melanie did a newborn photography session for me which also included my 2 year old. She was so patient with both children and turned what I thought could have been quite a challenging few hours, into a lovely, memorable experience. Thanks Melanie, we look forward to seeing you for more sessions in the future!” – Aimee Carr 2017

I am truly sensitive to your family needs.  Being a passionate Newborn Photographer, I will take special care of your little ones and you during our photo sessions together. I guarantee that you will receive the personal attention you deserve.

Babies grow so quickly. Catch the moments that fly by. Turn them into memories that last forever.

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.”

If you’re interested in booking a Gold Coast Newborn photographer to capture the precious moments of your newborn, please call me on 0449 658 131 to secure your session and don’t forget to ask about my new Cake Smash Photography service, I promise you won’t regret it! As mentioned, I also specialise in Baby Photography, Maternity Photography and Family Portraits. Don’t let life pass you by in the blink of an eye, together let’s share the beauty of your family so it can be savoured for life.

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